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ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHY 8 week night school at Fraser High School


Price $79.00



This 8 week course runs every school term on Thursdays 7-9pm and can be

booked through Fraser Adult Community Education.  


Tutor: David Rowe


This advanced eight week course is based around

Mastering manual camera settings to be in full control of making an image.

Posing people for  portraits, including families and weddings.

Understanding and controlling light. - Ambient, flash, constant, studio and mixed.

Landscape photography methods.

The course includes the very popular studio night, and evening fieldtrip for shooting in low light, some image processing and some optional extra weekend morning fieldtrips.

The tutor, David Rowe, is easy to get along with and is very passionate about sharing his knowledge.


Students should have a DSLR camera.

A tripod is recommended for the evening fieldtrip, but not necessary.