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Would you like to create better images?
Ask us about workshops that are running in 2023 for Fashion, Glamour, Studio and much more.

Now that COVID restrictions have eased, we're pleased to be opening up workshops again and also filling classrooms at Fraser Adult Community Education night school :)

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PHOTOGRAPHY DSLR -level 1 - Manual Control


PHOTOGRAPHY DSLR -level 2 - Beyond Manual


8 Week night school at Fraser High School


These 8 week courses run every school term on Wednesday (level 1) and Thursday (level 2) 7-9pm   


Level 1

Tutor: Keith Maynard

Do you own a nice expensive camera yet still shoot your photos in Auto mode ?

This course will de-mystify your DSLR and allow you to take advantage of all of those modes and settings on your camera, resulting in better quality images.

In this course award winning photographers will offer friendly clear understandable classes enabling the beginner to gain the confidence needed to use a DSLR camera to its full potential.

Topics included are camera care, mastering and understanding settings, and composition as well as offering a chance to try different styles of photography with your new found skills. There will be field trips and helpful group assessments of your work. Participants will need a DSLR Camera and a basic knowledge of how to adjust their cameras settings, A tripod for night shooting would be a big advantage.


Level 2

Tutor: David Rowe

This advanced eight week course carries on from level one and is based around

Mastering manual camera settings to be in full control of making an image.

Posing people for  portraits, including families and weddings.

Understanding and controlling light. - Ambient, flash, constant, studio and mixed.

The course includes the very popular studio night, and evening fieldtrips for shooting in low light, some image processing.

Students don't have to have completed level one, but should be able to shoot in manual should have a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

A tripod is recommended for the evening fieldtrip, but not necessary.




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