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You deserve to celebrate your beautiful self

You deserve to feel empowered

You deserve to be pampered

You deserve to feel amazing


STUDIO4nz directors David & Nat draw from a large network of trusted photographers, hair & makeup artists and models for great flexibility.

Meet the STUDIO4nz team

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Award winning senior photographer.

David Rowe Photography NZ (drphotonz)

I found a passion for photography at a young age.

I have always loved helping others feel better about themselves and am able to do it very well through my skills with posing, lighting, communication and photography. 

I also love helping others learn.  I teach photography workshops, teach level 2 photography at night school and when I get the chance, run community photography events.



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Award winning senior hair and makeup artist.


Nat is both a senior hair stylist and highly skilled makeup artist who also has a great experience and knowledge of modeling and posing.

Nat loves being hands on throughout the entire photoshoot giving you the most amazing experience.

To make an appointment with 

KNOX Hair and Make Up, 17 Casabella lane, HEIDI CHRISTIAN HAIR, Hamilton, click the Book now link.

Our favorite associates


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Top model.

Or as Holley says,

Glorified Poser

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Award winning senior photographer.

Shifting Light Photography.

Tutor level 1 photography at night school

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Hair and makeup artist.

The Beauty Queen NZ


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Bipin Photography

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